End of Year Banquet

Summer’s almost here!

Celebrate with WiCS the end of another full-year as Summer approaches! Whether you’re taking time off from school, going to an internship, or catching up with some classes, we want to celebrate the hard work we’ve ALL done, especially in a remote setting.

When the news of Basecamp’s workforce leaving hit, we had the idea to host an event for our soon-to-be-grads and students starting internships. The outcome is a panel of currently employed people working in the industry on Finding a workplace that supports you. Come to the panel to understand what a supportive workplace looks like, and advice with interviewing and creating a safe environment for all. Afterwards, we’ll host some Trivia just to learn some potentially useful facts to our repository of bad-jokes and information!

Join us the day the term is over! ?
2 PM – 3 PM (Panel)
3 PM – 4 PM (Trivia)

More information will be released soon!