Challenging Culture, Celebrating Community

I don’t consider myself a member of a minority group, can I join WiCS?

Yes! We in Computer Science has non-minority members, even on the leadership team! We don’t police on identity, but we do expect everyone to be an ally, which means: 

  1. Understanding and respecting differences in background, experiences, and cultures
  2. Working on dismantling oppressive and discriminatory behaviors / systems
  3. Upholding the Code of Conduct

We give these resources especially to underserved communities, but we extend them to everyone who wants to work to build a more inclusive future.

Can I attend a WiCS event? I am a community college student who expects to join PSU?

Yes! Most of our events are available for students from Portland neighboring community colleges as well! This includes Portland Community College (PCC), Clackamas Community College (CCC), and Mt. Hood Community College. Because PSU has certain entry requirements (like passing through the 202 proficiency demo if you are applying for upper-division), there are still many resources available that we hope can help you have a successful and smooth transition into Portland State University.

When are WiCS Meetings?

Town Halls are the first Wednesday of every month. See our Slack for Zoom links and details. 

We also host a weekly “virtual fishbowl” on Thursdays from noon-2pm. This is a great time to drop in for anything from homework help to a friendly chat. See our Slack for links and details.