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Giving Tuesday is here! And we need your help 🙂

In addition to weekly and monthly community-building activities, WiCS runs three major initiatives each year — a mentorship program, a careers in tech workshop, and a hackathon. In order to continue our work, we need your help!

Please donate here -> http://c-fund.us/o67

In 2018-19, over 100 students have benefited from our programs. Here’s what students are saying about our programs!

“…When I attended the hackathon last year, I found it to be something that bridges ideas throughout everybody. I found myself in a space where everyone had the equal right to say what their ideas were and discuss the best approaches to solve the problem. I firmly believe that this type of community is what’ll change the world for the better…” – Alejandro Castaneda

“I could not have succeeded in the CS program without a mentor….Being a mentor is about paying it forward to an individual, but also helping that individual grow and working together to be advocates for a more functional and healthy culture.” – Molly Shove

“…I think [Grace Hopper Celebration] gave me an increase in confidence. I felt so pumped to be around so many cool women and people in tech. It was sad when I came back and one of my classes only has like 4 or 5 women in it, of like 40 or 45 students. This made me feel even more driven to embody the WiCS mission and do all I can to increase representation in tech.” – Allie Hanson

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