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Every year, WiCS leads a plethora of events through the help of our Leadership team. Leadership positions change on an yearly basis, and we’re at the time where we encourage students to nominate people in the community for positions!

If you know someone who:

  • Has great organizational skills
  • Has great leadership style
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Contributes in creating a space where #WeBelong
  • Could benefit from being a part of WiCS Leadership

Nominate them (or yourself!) here by Saturday, May 1st:

Being a part of the WiCS Leadership Team requires:

  • A (flexible) year-long commitment
  • SOME roles require SALP Leadership. SALP Training is a ~1-2 hour training, and being a SALP Leader requires a 2.5 / 3.0 GPA (for undergrads / grads respectively)
  • Active involvement in Leadership meetings as well as fulfilling responsibilities listed with roles.
  • Understanding of who we are and what our mission is.
  • Being open to invaluable experience, including professional skills, organizing communities, and leading a change in the department!

To see more about roles, check the Google Form or Leadership Roles & Descriptions.

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