Nominate a Leader Today!

Nominate a Leader Today!

Election Timeline

  1. Wed, May 1st – Nomination Forms Due
  2. Tue, May 7th – Nominees will have until this day to accept their nomination
  3. Wed, May 8th – e-Ballots will be sent out
  4. Wed, May 22nd – Voting Closes
  5. Fri,  May 24th – Meet your new WiCS leaders for year 19-20 at our next Town Hall Meeting!

*Make sure you are accessing the link with your pdx email

How Nominations Work

  • If you know someone who would make a great leader please fill out a nomination form
  • These nominations forms are anonymous
  • You may nominate more than one person
  • You may nominate the same person for more than one position
    • In this case, nominees will get to accept which position they prefer to run for
  • You can nominate yourself 🙂
  • Don’t let the descriptions deter you from nominating yourself or accepting a nomination. If elected you will have a support system to help you gain the skills needed to be a good leader.

Why you should consider a leadership position with WiCS

  1. Being on leadership team will give you a safe, supportive and fun avenue to practice important skills such as public speaking, leadership, team building, communication, marketing, networking and so much more!
  2. WiCS is gaining industry notariety. We have local business knocking on our door asking us how they can be involved and how they can sponsor our next event. WiCS leaders communicate and work with industry recruiters on a regular basis. This include companies such as Puppet, Vacasa, AWS Elemental, Intel and much more!
  3. You will actively contribute to the success of underrepresented groups in their CS education and careers.
  4. You will actively contribute to a safe and supportive CS culture at PSU

Nomination Form:

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